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Louis Molnar, SFR said:

Good bedding You spend so much of your time sleeping, aren’t great sheets and bedding worth the investment? Especially if you have a new mattress, you want to protect that investment with a cover or pad. Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know which combination of blankets, quilts, and comforters works best? Mattress Pads and Covers A mattress pad or cover serves a dual purpose of protecting the mattress from sweat and stains, while providing extra padding on top of the mattress. Many people prefer pure cotton covers or pads. More padding not only means more comfort for you but also more protection for the mattress. So choose whichever level of cushioning that you like best. The thickest padding may flatten and dint over time, but remember it’s far cheaper to replace a pad than a pillow-top mattress. The Right Sheets Sheets are definitely the most confusing part of bedding. The variety and range of options can be considerable. The first thing to take into account is the weave. Percale can be a poly-cotton blend or all cotton. Typically a Percale is around 180 thread count, meaning the number of threads per square inch. It is a durable, crisp sheet. A sateen weave has more threads on the surface therefore reflecting more light. Sateen fibers are smoother; “low twist”, therefore less durable. There is also jersey; a stretchy knit, like a T-shirt, and flannel; brushed fibers resulting in a warmer fabric. Ultimately, you need to decide what feels good to you and on your skin. What about thread count? Good question. Higher thread count means more threads per square inch, requiring a tighter weave. Tighter weave can often mean a better fabric. Don’t be mislead though, high thread count does not always mean high quality, there are other factors. A high thread count sheet may be made with second rate fibers, for example, or have an inferior weave. Don’t forget the kind of fiber. Egyptian, supima and pima cottons are long fibers, and a weave done with longer fibers results in a smoother feel. Cover Up Lastly you need to consider the blankets and/or comforters. This choice will depend on a combination of personal preference and climate. Some prefer the feel of heavy quilts and blankets others prefer comforters of down and other fills, to get the warmth without the weight. At the end of the day, what matters most is what’s next to your skin. So if you are on a limited budget, spend more on your sheets and less on your mattress pad and comforter. Personal preference will dictate your choice of sheets but whatever your choice, why not make it feel like a little slice of heaven. After all you do sleep seven or eight hours a night, make that time as enjoyable as possible.  

3:33 PM on July 31, 2013

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